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For years, aeration was thought of as something you only needed if you had high fish loads in a pond.

Through years of working closely with pond owners it has been proven that aeration does far more than just keep fish alive. In fact, we consider aeration to be the single most important step in maintaining a healthy pond. Aeration is beneficial for golf courses, parks, office buildings, and housing developments. We provide installation and service in Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

Without oxygen nothing will decompose.
All the fish waste, dead algae and plant material, leaves, etc. that fall to the pond bottom will only continue to build up unless there is a good oxygen level to help it decompose.

Shallow ponds, where the sunlight reaches the bottom and wind action helps stir the water, have adequate oxygen all the way to the bottom in most cases.

Deeper ponds will seldom have good oxygen all the way to the bottom.

A bottom mounted air diffuser can make a huge difference in a ponds health by bringing oxygen and circulation down to where its needed the most - along the ponds bottom.

Pond Aeration Systems

The amount of surface area an aeration system will effectively cover is greatly dependent on two factors - depth and shape.

Ponds that are irregular or odd shaped will also reduce the size of the aeration area.

The deeper an air diffuser is located, the more boiling action it will create and a larger area will be aerated.

The shape of a pond also affects the number of diffusers needed.
Irregular shaped ponds often require multiple diffusers to adequately aerate the entire water column.

There are two common ways of aerating ponds.

One is with a surface fountain, the other is with a diffused aeration system.

  • Diffused Aeration - Diffused air systems employ a shore mounted air compressor which pushes air through tubing out to a special air diffuser located on the pond bottom. Since the diffuser is at the bottom, oxygen is introduced where it is needed the most, regardless of the pond depth. These systems are also easier to maintain since the compressor is located on shore.

    Diffused air systems can be custom built in many different ways. One big advantage is the compressor can be located up to 2000' away from the ponds edge.

    It is much more cost effective to trench in the air tubing than it is to install electrical service to the pond edge, making these systems the best choice for ponds without electric nearby.
  • Fountains - Surface fountains are a popular choice when decorative looks are desired. Golf courses, parks, office buildings, and housing developments are all common places you normally see fountains being used.

    Many different spray patterns are available to create esthetically pleasing looks while improving circulation and aeration.

    Since the fountains float on the surface the circulation does not reach all the way to the bottom in deep applications, which reduces their effectiveness.

Surface Aerators

Surface aerators are the highest oxygen producing and highest volume aerators offered. For applications desiring maximum flow and efficiency these units are the best choice!

  • Designed for continuous duty operation in fresh or salt water
  • Thermal overload protection with automatic reset
  • Easy to install or remove – making it great for portable emergency operation
  • Warranties — two years on 1/2 - 1 HP, three years on 2 - 5 HP
  • Operates in as little as 15" of water

Because of their high pumping rates these units are especially helpful in controlling floating debris, duckweed and other unsightly surface problems. A high oxygen transfer make these units the best pick for aquaculture applications and wastewater ponds.

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