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Algae Control

Algae is maintained differently in Water Gardens versus and Retention Ponds.

Water garden algae

In most cases, we start with looking over the type of filtration used and recommend what would work best in your pond.

Filtration does not stop all types of algae.

In cases where it becomes a nuisance (attached to rock-work, especially on the waterfalls) we recommend three things.

  • First, remove as much as you can by hand. It will be slimy, but it's 85% water.
  • Next, we use a product called green clean. This fish safe product works through oxidation to provide fast release of the algae and usually destroys it within 48 hours.
  • Lastly, after 48hrs, we add a microbe lift (beneficial bacteria) to the pond to achieve a balanced pond and to help consume the now decaying debris in the bottom of the pond.

We provide this service as needed. Give us a call (585) 657-7679.

Retention pond algae

Algae or the "green-yellow-brownish" slime in your pond can be floating on the surface or bottom growing.

Most of our calls come when the floating algae starts covering over the surface of the retention pond.

We are DEC certified for using a safe algaecide application.

We use Cutrine Plus liquid for surface algae and Cutrine Granular for bottom growing algae. Results are seen in 2 to 10 days - depending on the weather and the biomass. This product has no use restrictions on your pond per the label, as always we still recommend waiting 24 hours before using the pond.

The only limit to the product is how much algae is destroyed at the time of application. We try to ensure there is no residual algae for future growth.

Each pond is different. Some only need a once-a-season application, where others need a one-time-per-month application.
We provide this service to clients in Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

Give us a call (585) 657-7679.

We all hate unsightly algae in our ponds, give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.