Serving the Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Regions

Aquatic Weed Control

Cattails, algae, and submerged weeds, when left unchecked, can reduce fishing, swimming, and aquatic uses to the point where these activities can no longer be enjoyed.

At Clearly Aquatics Inc., biological controls are the first priority. In some cases, however, a safe and effective product application may be the best management tool to bring the pond back into equilibrium We do this in Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

The aquatic products of today are so advanced that when applied by DEC certified applicators these products have NO IMPACT on the amphibians, fish and other wildlife that utilize the pond.

Once the properly identified nuisance weed is brought under control, Clearly Aquatics will work with you to reestablish and maintain diversity in your aquatic ecosystem.

Clearly Aquatics is also available for on-site consultations with new pond owners who would like to discuss techniques that will prevent maintenance overhauls down the road.

Get your pond healthy and in balance again, give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.