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Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Success in controlling water quality in a pond is subject to several variables.

One of the main variables is the amount of nutrients present in the pond.

Most pond owners are happy to find that when their pond fills up initially after being dug, the water is clean and inviting. Ponds that are dug in sand, gravel or “clean” soils will generally stay that way for a period of a year or two since there is not a lot of nutrients present.

Over time, leaves, fish waste, runoff and other nutrients find their way into the pond and start to build up along the pond bottom. These nutrients act as a stimulant, or food source, for excess aquatic weeds, algae and other water quality problems.

The use of beneficial pond bacteria has proven to be one of the best tools (along with aeration) a pond owner can use to maintain water quality.

Beneficial bacteria are like mini vacuum cleaners working along the ponds bottom to consume and digest organic materials such as decayed leaves, grass clippings, dead algae/weeds, fish waste, etc.

Left in the pond, these materials will contribute to future water quality problems. Most all ponds contain natural bacteria. The problem is these are usually anaerobic bacteria (meaning they do not need oxygen to survive) and they digest sediment very slowly.

The product we apply, Pond-Vive, contains aerobic bacteria which does require oxygen to survive (this is why aeration is VERY important in ponds) but decomposes sediment at a much faster rate.

Our bacteria is safe for fish, pets, wildlife and family!

The proprietary blend of specialized bacteria we use is formulated specifically for the task of lake and pond maintenance.

This special blend of bacteria is designed to:

  • Reduce sludge buildup
  • Eliminate pond odors
  • Improve water clarity
  • Reduce oxygen demand
  • Eliminate excess nutrients

The product contains specialized bacterial strains as well as other necessary ingredients needed to support these bacterial strains in a lake or pond setting. We use this product in Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

This unique blend of bacteria accomplishes a number of very specific tasks. Certain bacterial strains specialize in the removing of excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus from the water. Other strains focus on clarifying the murky water caused from animal and plant wastes, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the odors stemming from those wastes. Still other strains target the reduction of sludge on the bottom of lakes and ponds.

This bacteria works best when the water temperatures are above 55º.

Beneficial bacteria will keep your pond healthy, give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.