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Cattail Control

These emergent plants can quickly take over the shallow areas of your pond without control.

Much like your lawn, if you don't mow cattails within a month you'll have a hay field. Call us to get these under control - we service Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

Cattails, if treated every few years, will have minimal growth and be easier to control.

We have tried everything to control cattails. Cutting the cattails, putting weird barriers over the areas, drawing the water down so they freeze in the winter, and even burning them. We found the best, and we recommend, way to control the nuisance cattail overgrowth is with safe aquatic herbicide applications.

We are DEC certified to apply aquatic brush herbicide in ponds. The product is safer then Roundup. We spray (by backpack sprayer or by truck sprayer) the diluted product directly on the cattails. Within a few minutes they dry and the pond is safe for use per the label. We recommend no pond use for 24 hours.

The product is absorbed and destroys the roots of the plants. Results will begin to show in as little as a few days.

We wait 30 days to make sure all plants are dead before we cut the dead biomass out with our underwater cutters.

The plants are cut as low in the water as possible and then pitch forked onto shore.

We either dumpster the debris, remove it offsite by truck, or place on the materials in a brush pile.

Pricing for spraying is by the linear foot so measure the cattails around the edge of the pond in feet for an approximate over the phone price.

Cutting depends on the biomass amount and how much they have to be handled.

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