Serving the Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Regions


Clearly Aquatics has been installing pond fountains and floating fountains in Rochester, NY and the Finger Lakes for over 15 years. We offer Kasco fountains for their high quality and superior performance.

The most popular units we sell are surface aerators.

VFX aerating fountains and are best selling J series multi nozzle fountain.

Give us a call (585) 657-7679 for pricing and to discuss the best unit for your particular pond.

Our trained staff assembles and installs each unit. We use mooring lines to bricks in the bottom of the pond or to the shore, depending on the application, to keep the fountain in place.

We offer winter removal and spring installations if you do not have a boat to do it yourself.

  • Surface Aerators - These units have high pumping rates that are especially helpful in controlling floating debris, duckweed, and surface algae.

    They cost less than fountains because they are more functional than aesthetic.
  • VFX Aerating Fountains - These units only come in 1 spray pattern and combine aesthetics and the high oxygen transfer that most pond owners want.
  • J-Series Multi-Nozzle Fountains - These units come with multi spray pattern nozzles that are easy to change to achieve the look desired. These are more decorative type units but still provide valuable oxygen transfer.

Types of Fountain Patterns

Formal Fountains

Formal water features are becoming more and more popular. We provide extensive experience in this area and can help with designs and materials for these beautiful water features.

Clearly Aquatics builds formal fountains from simple designs to world class displays.

Since every feature is custom designed, we ask you to contact us with your plan details and we will prepare a quote for you.

If you would like us to design & install a pond fountain,
give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.