Serving the Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Regions

Pond Installation

The process of transforming your yard into a beautiful, low maintenance pond oasis starts with a pond consultation.

This gives you an opportunity to share your ideas, discuss site placement, and preview job photos of award winning water features.

Although pond installation only takes a matter of days, the job isn't over until you are completely satisfied. We design, install, and service ponds in Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

The Process

After agreeing on a pond design and start dates, we send out a simple contract and invoice for 50% deposit.

Once the paper work is complete we can move ahead with the project.

The Procedures

Here is a list of the procedures for all the ponds we (CA) create.

  1. We will call to have the utilities marked out 48hrs before excavation.
  2. The pond area will be painted out and dug out by small backhoe
    and hand shovels.
  3. All soil removed will be utilized in the berm area for the waterfalls.
  4. Stone deliveries will be supervised by CA to prevent misplacement, lawn, or driveway damage.
  5. 45 mil rubber liner will be installed over the top of heavy duty felt underlayment to prevent punctures. We take liner protection 1 step further by adding scrap liner under areas where stone is placed.
  6. All ponds are 70% covered by stone to naturalize. We leave the very bottom free of stone for better annual maintenance.
  7. CA will rough rake new soil areas clean, and cleanup yard as well as the driveway in a professional way.
  8. CA will not be doing any mulching, plantings, or electric work. We subcontract that part to the experts in their field. Ponds are our only business!
  9. All ponds are washed clean before final filling from tap water. (If water needs to be trucked in, an extra charge will be applied)
  10. Each pond will be tested for tweaking and are guaranteed leak free
    upon finishing. We also figure in one more service stop to answer
    questions and adjust underwater lights.
  11. CA only uses high efficiency pumps, 45 mil fish safe rubber liner, heavy duty underlayment, and professional workers.
  12. Clearly Aquatics work is guaranteed for 1 full year except for the following, animal damage, acts of nature, and customer neglect. These are a rarity but we have had mice, muskrat, and the neighbors dog cause damage before.

We at Clearly Aquatics Inc. look forward to serving your pond needs and appreciate your business. We service all of Rochester, NY and surrounding counties.

Pond Kits

The pond and waterfall systems we install are a popular choice for those wanting top quality, easy to install systems.

Complete kit systems ensure that all components work together and are properly sized. Below is a diagram showing how a pond system works.

Skimmer - Hide pump and plumbing from view. Greatly reduces pond maintenance by skimming debris from surface. Provides an ideal spot for an automatic fill valve which replaces water due to evaporation.

Flexible PVC Pipe - Carries water from skimmer to AquaFalls filter.

AquaFalls Filter - Bury in the ground and when installed properly is completely hidden from view. Filters require minimal (usually once per year!) cleaning and keep the pond sparkling clean. Filter tubs also provide an ideal base for waterfalls and streams.

45 MIL Rubber Liner - Strong yet flexible liners have 20 year warranty.

Bottom Drain - Optional bottom drain increases circulation and cleaning of pond.

Covering liner with rocks and gravel provides additional surface area for bacteria, also hides and protects liner. Rocks and gravel look more natural than bare liner.

We are your pond experts, give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.