Serving the Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Regions

Pond Liners

We install two types of liners. One for water gardens and the other for retention ponds.

EPDM rubber liners

  • Used for water gardens usually less then 800sq ft in size
  • We use 45 mil thick (swimming pool liners are only 12mil)
  • Fish safe liner
  • Comes standard 20 ft wide by whatever length needed for the water feature project Highly flexible and puncture resistant 20 yr. warranty!!

Large Retention Pond Liner

  • Some large ponds do not have the clay to create a full pond so a liner is needed. Up to 65,000sqft in one piece.
  • We installed a 180 foot by 140 foot piece in 2011
  • UV stable with incredible burst strength

Have us help in selecting the right liner for your project, give us a call (585) 657-7679.