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Pondless Water Features

Although installation only takes a matter of days, the job isn't over until you are completely satisfied.

When building pondless waterfalls and outdoor fountains, we love to use columns and borders.

Each of these pieces have been molded from actual rocks for a very realistic appearance. Each rock may vary slightly in appearance and size.

These options are a great way to make an interesting outdoor fountain display! The columns can be used in many different combinations, each one being unique and beautiful.

Because columns are typically used in multiples, recommending a pump or basin is difficult. Generally a 48" or larger basin is used when three or four statuary pieces are installed together.

The four basalt rocks are made from a fiber glass resin mix for increased durability!

We install and service pondless water features in Rochester, NY and surrounding counties. Just give us a call 585-657-7679.

Pondless Water Garden

The pondless type may not be as familiar to most people.

We create the water garden in normal fashion but instead of filling the pond immediately with water we use reservoir cubes (similar to plastic milk crates) in the pond basin stacked up to the surface.

This fills the area so there is still a large volume of water for the pump to run the waterfalls, but once covered with natural gravel and stone, it creates a very low maintenance pondless water garden.

You still have the soothing sounds, but without a body of water for fish.

This has become very popular so peruse our gallery to see what interests you.

Water gardens are considered landscaping and no permits are usually needed for installation.

Some exceptions would be extreme depth and size. We only use 45mil fish safe rubber liners. A pond skimmer is a must to keep your pump clog free and the surface clean.

We utilize many different filter types chosen specifically for each project.

Browse our gallery for ideas and give us a call (585) 657-7679 to see some of our completed projects.

We'll let you know where one is near your location - since we have installed 100's of water gardens!

Easy to maintain and quick to install,
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