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Retention Pond Maintenance

There are several different names for retention ponds; farm ponds, earthen bottom ponds, golf course ponds, development ponds, etc.

Generally these ponds are 1/8th to 1 acre in size with varying depths. All pond maintenance is site specific.

We recommend a pond consultation by one of our pond experts.
We will spend about an hour listening to your key issues and then walk the pond pointing out the good and bad.

If there are issues you want us to give you estimates on, we will write them up. Depending on the issues, we first utilize natural methods, then mechanical, and finally safe aquatic chemical applications. We maintain and service retention ponds in and around the Rochester, NY area.

Natural Methods

  • Grass Carp - Grass carp eat the overgrowth of aquatic plants. These fish are triploid and can not reproduce. They require a free permit to obtain. They are limited to the type and amount of weeds they will eat. But can prove to be a valid piece of pond maintenance.
  • Pond Colorants - More info about our pond colorants.
  • Fathead Minnows - We use minnows to eat mosquitoes larva, and to balance the food web in your pond.
  • Addition of Beneficial Bacteria - We use a product called Pond-Vive. This is a highly researched and effective product. The special blend of bacteria is fish, pet and family safe. Pond vive reduces sludge and oxygen demand. It eliminates pond odors and excess nutrients as well as improving overall water clarity. It's sold by the bucket in simple water soluble packs that get tossed into the pond. We recommend purchasing enough for one season at a time for best results and price. More details on Beneficial Bacteria.


We use 4 different kinds of mechanical pond maintenance equipment... well actually 5 if you count waders (we are in waders most of the year working on ponds!).

  1. Floating Booms - You may have seen this product used to contain oil spills. We use it to skim off floating algae or duckweed. The long booms are floated from one end of the pond to the other collecting the debris on one shoreline where it can be harvested with pitch forks and hand nets. This may be labor intensive, but it does not use any pesticides. The draw backs are that the algae or duckweed is reduced, but not eliminated so further booming may be needed.
  2. Lake Rakes - These are large aluminum rakes with long teeth and a 20 foot rope attached. The rake is thrown out into the water where it sinks. It is pulled in by hand ripping nuisance aquatic weeds out. Once the problem areas have been harvested the large piles of weeds can be composted on the garden or simply tossed in the woods.
  3. Underwater Cutters - This gas powered unit is used in the pond by a person in waders. Cattails are cut out underwater where they float up and can be harvested by pitchfork and composted. The sicklebar motorized hand held unit is labor intensive, but when used by an experienced pond specialist it can be very effective to reclaiming your pond from overgrown cattails.
  4. Excavator/bulldozer - Our goal is to prevent pond owners from having to get to this step. This can be very pricy and is used when the pond has turned into a swamp!
  5. Pond Bank Mowing - We mow down the scrub grass and high weeds that have overtaken your pond banks. Often times these slopes are steep and should be cut by a seasoned professional.

A Pond consultation will provide the best option for your pond.

Safe aquatic chemical applications (also see cattail control, algae control, and aquatic weed control).

Our staff has been DEC certified for using aquatic pesticide applicators.

We use plant specific products that will NOT HARM fish.
Each pond is treated like it was our kids and dogs swimming in the pond.

Most of the products we use are as safe as the Roundup you might use in your yard. If you are in Rochester, NY or surrounding counties, give us a call and we'll take care of your retention pond.

A well maintained pond will last for a very long time, give us a call to learn more (585) 657-7679.