Serving the Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Regions

Underwater Lighting

We offer underwater lighting for all types of water features.

For you fountain owners we can add lights to your existing fountain for a dramatic nighttime display. We install and service lighting in Rochester NY, Monroe County and surrounding counties.

Adding underwater lights to your pond lets you enjoy it into the evening hours.

Lets face it we all work hard and by the time we find time to sit down and relax its usually dark.

The soothing sounds of flowing water lights flickering off the waterfalls or watching fish dace through the underwater lights can really help you distress and recharge.

Fountains combine decorative good looks along with high oxygen transfer, making them the perfect choice for surface aeration. This keeps your pond healthy.

We offer a number of high quality lighting packages to compliment your fountain(s).

If you are looking to make a statement — a well lit fountain display at night is a sure way to attract attention!

If you would like us to design a lighting system for you,
give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.