Serving the Rochester NY and Finger Lakes Regions

Water Gardens

This is the core of our pond business. Ponds are not PART of our business, it is our ONLY business.

So when we say we are the water garden experts, you can be confident of our knowledge.

With Aquatic Biology degrees under our belts, we understand aquatic ecosystems and water quality control.

We test and use the industries newest and state of the art pond building equipment and materials for each custom water garden. We treat each project as if it were going in our own yard!

Give us a call today and find out why our customers call us Rochester NY’s water garden experts!

The two types of water gardens we create are ponds or pondless.

Pondless Water Garden

The pondless type may not be as familiar to most people. We create the water garden in normal fashion but instead of filling the pond immediately with water we use reservoir cubes (similar to plastic milk crates) in the pond basin stacked up to the surface.

This fills the area so there is still a large volume of water for the pump to run the waterfalls, but once covered with natural gravel and stone, it creates a very low maintenance pondless water garden. You still have the soothing sounds, but without a body of water for fish. Waterfalls have become very popular so browse through our gallery to see what interests you.

Water gardens are considered landscaping and no permits are usually needed for installation. Some exceptions would be extreme depth and size. We only use 45mil fish safe rubber liners. A pond skimmer is a must to keep your pump clog free and the surface clean.

We utilize many different filter types chosen specifically for each project. Browse our gallery for ideas and give us a call (585) 657-7679 to see some of projects. We'll let you know where one is near your location - since we have installed 100's of water gardens!

Water Garden Maintenance in Rochester NY and the Finger Lakes

Maintenance is important to keep your water garden looking the way you want.

This is especially true in New York and Rochester, NY with seasonal changes.

We create each water feature so that it has the correct components to ensure maintenance is minimal and uncomplicated. We provide many maintenance options.

We will help the "do-it-yourself" client in any way we can. Just give us a call (585) 657-7679 and we will help you.

We provide most customers with maintenance twice a season.

In the spring we drain the pond, catching fish, frogs, and tadpoles in a tank. We pick out, and vacuum clean, all debris such as leaves and fish waste. The stones are washed with a hose and pumped clean. Filters and pumps are hooked up and setup properly. Water is returned and conditioned to be safe for the fish to return. When you arrive home, simply finish filling it up with water and plug your pump in to enjoy it for the summer!

Come late fall we close down your pond.

This includes pulling your pump and having you store it above freezing in a bucket of water. Filter media is removed and cleaned. We recommend letting them dry and stored in a tote. Leaf netting is installed as well as a bubbler to keep a small hole in the ice for gas exchange.

We also offer once a month, to once a week, maintenance depending on your needs. Things we do during these services may include:

  • Removal of algae
  • Cleaning of your skinnner and pump
  • Fertilize water lilies
  • Check fish health
  • Adding appropriate water treatment products
  • Dead heading aquatic plants

We look forward to exceeding all your water feature needs!

If you're interested in a water garden, give us a call for a consultation (585) 657-7679.