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I created my first waterfalls in Kennyetto creek in the Adirondacks at age 9.

I was actually only trying to create a deep swimming pool by damming up the creek like a beaver would do with sticks and mud, instead I used large creek stones.

It worked for our swimming hole and made a beautiful natural looking waterfalls.

I didn't know it then, but I guess I was a natural at creating waterfalls and would grow to love creating them.

-Shawn Howard, Co-owner Clearly Aquatics Inc., Rochester NY

Look through our gallery of pictures. We service and install in Rochester, NY and surrounding cities and counties.

Nothing is quite like the relaxing sound of water.

Give us a picture of what you like, whether your looking for a mini Niagara falls or a small babbling brook we have the know how to create it in your yard.

  1. We can add a natural waterfall to a retention, farm, or golf course pond.
    Adding a waterfalls to a large pond creates more oxygen for your pond, draws more wildlife, especially birds, and creates a natural soothing sound of a babbling brook to your pond.
  2. Water garden waterfalls look and sound beautiful.
    This is the core of our business. A waterfall is the #1 item our customers request when we create a backyard water feature.
    See water gardens and our gallery to find the one you been day dreaming about!
  3. Swimming pool waterfalls provide sound, elegance, and aeration.
    We have created dozens of waterfalls that flow into swimming pools. We can add custom built waterfalls to any swimming pool.
    Check out our gallery and give us a call to schedule a consult.

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