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Wetland Plantings

Wetlands have a great diversity of terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals and are an extremely beneficial resource to have on your property.

They improve water quality by collecting and filtering pollutants.

They protect nearby rivers, lakes, and streams.

Wetlands provide food and protection for fish and wildlife, including endangered and threatened species.

Finally, wetlands have economic value associated with recreational, commercial, and subsistence use of fish and wildlife resources. We provide wetland planting services around Rochester, NY.

Over time, many wetland environments have become degraded by human-induced disturbances, such as the introduction of invasive, non-native plants. This type of vegetation often reduces habitat quality (e.g., loss of food supply) by outcompeting native vegetation.

It creates an unkempt, weedy appearance. These disturbances have not only affected the natural functions of these systems by increasing erosion, reducing vegetation, and degrading habitats, but they have diminished the aesthetic value of the environment.

Nearby land development activities within the watershed also disturb wetlands and waterbodies. These disturbances often result in sediment deposition, nutrient enrichment, and increased stormwater flows into the wetlands. This causes a reduction in water clarity that limits the growth of wetland plants and submerged aquatic vegetation, smothers streambeds, contaminates water quality, and alters natural hydrology.

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